Save the Downtown Hollywood Bank Building from Demolition


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Hollywood Historical Society
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We are raising funds to:
Hire Dearborn Historic Preservation Inc. as Historic Preservation Consultants. They will do in-depth research, then prepare and give a presentation to the Hollywood City Commission. Their purpose will be to encourage support for local historic designation and placement of a Historic Marker on the site.


videoThe iconic Hollywood Bank Building, built in the early 1920's, is located at 2001 Hollywood Blvd. in historic downtown Hollywood, FL. (Downtown Hollywood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is the only Historic Business District in the state of Florida.) The Bank Building is now the only remaining commercial building built by the City's Founder, Joseph W. Young, that is left in the district. Preserving Hollywood's beautiful historic district, by saving this landmark building from demolition, not only makes Hollywood an attractive place to live, but is a boon to our tourist industry.


What can you do to help?


1 - Contribute what you can to the HHS Fundraiser for the $1,500 needed for Consultant's fees (on right) via PayPal, (or mail your check to HHS).


2 - Write to the Hollywood City Commissioners, individually. See HHS President, Karen Alberson's Letter for email addresses & information


3 - Sign & Share the "Save Hollywood's Downtown Historic District" Petition


4 - Join us! Become a member of the Hollywood Historical Society.


5 - Follow us on facebook for updates on this issue; as well as other causes, events, and information.



Please contact us to see how you can help our historic community!


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